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Graham Fletcher has been promoting dance in Leicester and Leicestershire schools for more than 14 years. His work is based on his extensive experience with the Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and English National Ballet’s renowned outreach and schools partnerships schemes, as well the previous council run Leicester/Shire Arts In Education programme.

The Leicestershire Arts Dance Activate schools link programme offers unique dance workshop opportunities to schools in the City and County. These are designed to be a fun and interactive introduction to dance, capturing imagination, inspiring self-confidence and connecting schools with high quality dance training

Reception & year group 1,2,3,4 - workshops that inspire creative learning:

City and County schools are invited throughout the academic year to book Dance Activate workshops completely free of charge. During these initial workshops children are encouraged to explore dance and movement ideas to different themes and music styles and include:

  • An introduction to dance through story and creative ideas
  • A warm up focusing on dance specific skills such as agility, posture and flexibility
  • Travelling exercises that link together phrases of movement
  • Structured creative tasks to encourage artistic imagination
  • Specific guidance through instruction and choreography.

The benefits:

  • Develops artistic expression through music and movement
  • Inspires self confidence and appreciation of artistic expression
  • Promotes control and co-ordination skills
  • Encourages group work and sharing of creative ideas.

No dance experience is necessary and workshops can always be tailored to suit the school curriculum. To discuss your requirements please contact Graham Fletcher by email from the contact page or by telephone on: 0771 772 1916.

Paula McSorley, Head teacher, Westfield Junior School:

‘…Graham has the highest reputation amongst Leicestershire schools for the quality of his dance tuition.  He has been responsible for many outstanding dance productions performed in local schools and his influence on my pupils has been life changing…

He has a great talent for engaging young people into the Art of dance and some of mine, from very promising beginnings (my school is in an economically deprived area) have gone on to study at the Royal Ballet…His talent and enthusiasm for dance is legendary throughout the county and I recommend him unreservedly…’

Dance Activate Programme:

Children and students who show that they have natural ability or a keen enthusiasm are always offered the chance to progress by joining the Dance Activate programme full time and taking part in a range of options that includes regular weekly dance classes, holiday courses, and performance experiences at venues that include Curve and De Montfort Hall. At 11 years old they are also offered the chance to take part in the nationally recognized Arts Awards programme.

The Dance Activate programme is especially successful at inspiring boys to enjoy dance and introducing particularly talented and gifted children, who otherwise may not have the opportunity, to high quality dance training from an early age.

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